What is the air conditioning control panel for?

The climate control module is an electronic panel that is used to control the air conditioning system in the car. It is placed in the dashboard and from there it sends all the necessary commands to the rest of the air conditioning system to start the process of cooling or heating the air in the car as needed. Regardless of whether it is frost or heat outside, thanks to the air conditioning control unit you have full control of the temperature in your car’s cabin.

How does the car’s air conditioning control system work?

The air conditioning control unit in a car consists of mechanical and electronic parts. The mechanical part includes air duct flaps, a heating fan and air conditioning. All these nodes are connected into one system, thanks to which the individual elements work synchronously, depending on the settings. The electronic part is equipped with temperature sensors that monitor the climate in the cabin. Based on these parameters, the control unit turns on cooling or turns on heating. The air conditioning can be used at any time of the year to enjoy a comfortable temperature in the car, regardless of the prevailing external conditions.

The temperature control system works quite simply. The required temperature level is set on the control module, the corresponding indicator is selected on the screen. Sensors located around the cabin measure the air temperature. If the sensors and system settings do not match, the air conditioner or heating turns on or off. The advantage of such a system is that the driver does not have to constantly distract from driving in order to adjust the air conditioning devices. The electronics perform the measurements themselves and, depending on the initial setting, switch the necessary heating and cooling system on or off.

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