Vehicle steering

The task of the steering system in our car is to transfer the movement from the steering wheel to the steering axle of the vehicle. In this way, we can steer to the left or to the right, enabling driving in the appropriate direction. Of course, the steering wheel is connected to the steering axle, in this case also special joints, racks and power steering were used, which allows the wheel to be turned slightly.

What elements are in the steering system?

In this case, a hydraulic pump is used, it has a sensor, motor, controller and a frame. The task is to assist in the rotation of the steering rod, it is an element that is driven by a belt. A sensor is placed in the steering system, the system detects movement, and the position of the steering wheel then makes the pump turn in the appropriate direction. The driver can thus lightly steer the vehicle with one hand.

Of course, it is important that all the elements work properly, the hydraulically operated pump should have adequate pressure, therefore the tightness of the pump must be ensured. In the event of a leakage, for example a damaged seal, the system may stop working. Of course, these may be different symptoms, we can feel that the steering axle requires more force. In addition, it can also be jump resistance, then we can go to the workshop to check the irregularities. Of course, sometimes it can also be a problem with the steering wheel position sensor, rack or other mechanical elements of the entire steering system.

We can buy a new pump, or a refurbished pump, on the website Power steering pump , we will find refurbished pumps for different makes and models of cars. It is worth remembering that in the case of an older car, the power steering pumps may not be produced anymore. Therefore, the only way out of the situation will be to buy a refurbished pump, which we can install in the service center.

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