Air suspension – essential information

It can now be noted that modern vehicles have many of the key features and characteristics that set them apart from older cars. The differences are not only the external appearance or the type of installed drive unit. An important point is that newer cars have many other key and modern elements. Notable, among other things, is the constantly developed air suspension, which is increasingly used in many vehicles instead of a suspension based on standard components. Such solutions are popular in trucks, vans and in an increasing number of passenger cars.

What to remember about air suspension?

From the name itself, it can be seen that the air-type suspension uses pneumatic components, but the whole structure is in many respects similar to standard solutions. The main task of such a suspension is to eliminate vibrations and shocks generated when driving on an uneven or holey road. The overall system is therefore very complex and includes both standard suspension components as well as various sensors and control components. This translates into a significant increase in the level of functionality of such solutions.

The control unit is an extremely important, innovative and advanced element of the air suspension. Such a device operates on the basis of information provided by a network of sensors. This allows you to adjust the height of the suspension as well as its stiffness. This, in turn, makes it possible to adapt the car to your favorite driving style (sporty, off-road, moderate, dynamic, etc.). On many cars, switches can be used to adjust the air suspension yourself.

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